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Irlanda Anima
The wait for Queen Beryl: Day 58
The wait for Rei/Sailor Mars: Day 3

Still no sign of a shipping notice from Angell-Studio and I check it pretty much every day. I'm in that stage of waiting where I just want a shipping notice and then I can start being a stalker and track her every movement until she gets home. It so funny cause Beryl was never in my orginal plans for my Sailor Moon crew. I blame Angell-Studio entirely for this. They had to go and release a limited doll that I went and fell head over heels for...and then said you could only order her until the 21 of Jaunuary...which ended up being a lie because you can still order her even now. I think they ended up making more of her then they really needed and just haven't sold through them all yet.

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Irlanda Anima
17 March 2015 @ 09:31 pm
The wait for Beryl: Day 56
The wait for Rei/Sailor Mars: Day 1

OMG, I did it. I got the pictures I needed and I put $100 down on the Feeple65 Siean for my Sailor Mars. I'm so excited right now.

Too bad it's gonna be two weeks before I can pay her off and then another two or three weeks before she actually gets here. It's now a race against time to see if I get Beryl or Rei first...do I have a preference? Not really...it'll actually be kinda cool if I can get both of them on the same day ^_^
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Irlanda Anima
The wait for Queen Beryl: Day 56

So...yeah. Haven't posted anything in awhile. A really long while considering I was apparently still waiting for Serenity on my last post ^_^;

So yeah, doll plans ended up getting put to the side as life took over. I have, since the last time I posted, been the intern assistant manager at a clothing store, third key at the same clothing store and then decided to quit and go back to school. Hasn't exactly left a lot of time and money for dolls.

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Ugh, I hate waiting :(
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Irlanda Anima
03 September 2013 @ 02:32 pm
The wait for Serenity: Day 102

I haven't been on here in forever, but I needed someplace to write all my thoughts on the matter. I'm a little torn over what direction I should go next with BJDs.

Currently I have an Endymion at home, who has his Tuxedo Mask outfit but is waiting on his causal attire as well as his prince uniform. I also have a Serenity currently in the mail (if only her fricking tracking would update so I'd know if she's even in the country yet) who currently has some eyes and hair, but no clothing or a face...hopefully I'll have some spare change next payday to buy her an outfit, but that'll depend on how much my cosplay for Hal-Con is gonna run me.

So my dilemma is this: should I continue with the Sailor Moon theme and get either Ami or Rei next (though I'm leaning towards Rei if I go this route) or should I switch gears and go with my Superman plains, which is getting the Iplehouse Tedros and Cherie. Now the cheaper way would be to continue with Sailor Moon first, since Ami is only roughly $650 as is Rei, while Lois and Clark are each $700.

But then, if I do Ami and Rei, I'd wanna get Zoisite and Jadeite as well, seeing as my plan is to pair each Senshi with their General, like they were in the Manga.

Anyways, here's the dolls I'm looking at so you can see the pretty ^_^

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I hate making decisions :(
Irlanda Anima
28 October 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Note: I've been working on this photostory for a while now, but it's just succeeded in giving me a headache so I'm just posting it as is. If some of the facts don't add up, I apologize as I was starting to mix things up in my head But do please enjoy and comments on either my characterizations, photography or story are greatly appreciated. I love on reviews as if they were air

WARNING: This photostory contains two male characters in a homosexual relationship. If you don't like it, just don't read it

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*T'hy'la - Vulcan term of enderment that has no direct translation but is a combination of friend, brother,and lover. Closest english equivlent would be Soulmate.
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Irlanda Anima
10 February 2010 @ 09:12 pm

I've tried having my journal open to all before and I just ended up getting spam all over the place. So this journal is friends only. Simply leave a comment and I'll friend you! :) Just keep in mind that this journal is for my collection of BJDs (Ball-jointed dolls) and all the contents are about my little crew. For my fanfics, visit my Atantus journal and for random bits on my life, visit my Irlanda Anima journal.

Thanks and I hope you guys enjoy poking around!!! :)
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